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Business Savings


 UTFCU has multiple savings account options for businesses. 

Learn more about your options below.

Primary and Choice

A Primary savings account establishes your membership with the credit union. Choice savings accounts are designed to let you create special accounts for financial plans and goals unique to your company.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Benefit your employees with an alternative to traditional health insurance. HSAs enable employees enrolled in high deductible plans to pay for current health expenses and save at special savings rates for future medical expenses.

Money Market

Businesses that bank with UTFCU know that high expectations are a matter of standards. Tiered Money Market accounts earn higher yields with flexible access to your money as you decide when, where and how to invest.


Maximize earning power with competitive, compounding dividends. Choose from a variety of flexible terms to fit your schedule and help complete your investment portfolio.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)*

Offer valuable benefits as an incentive to potential employees. Our IRA products help your employees manage and secure retirement plans at competitive rates.

*Call your tax advisor on tax-deferred savings and eligibility. For more details call 865-971-1971.