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Checking Accounts

UTFCU offers a variety of checking account types so that you can find the one that best fits your needs.

Learn more about your options by reading the summaries below.

Premier U Plus Checking

In addition to free checks, paper statements, cashiers checks, and money orders, this account also gives you the ability to earn interest on daily balances. Discounts on airline tickets, cruises, theme parks, movie tickets, and much more are also included in the Premier U Plus checking account.

Premier U Checking

Premier U checking offers all the advantages of Simply U Checking but also pays interest on all balances. Account holders also have access to discounts on airline tickets, cruises, theme parks, movie tickets, and much more!

Simply U Checking

UTFCU’s Simply U Checking account offers you accessibility, flexibility, and affordability with no minimum deposit balance requirements. This account has no monthly fee if eStatements are activated.


mobile deposits for checking accounts

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit allows you to snap a picture of a check you’d like to deposit into your UTFCU Checking Account, then submit it through Mobile Banking, and presto! It’s in your account.

Estatements for checking accounts


View your official account statements online! Register within online banking for your personal accounts, and in the Credit Card Login for your Visa Platinum, Visa Gold, or MasterCard!

best years club checking accounts

Best Years Club

If you’re age 55 or older, reward yourself by adding the Best Years Club to any Simply U, Premier U, or Premier U Plus checking account. Club benefits include one free box of checks each year and free money orders.

Bonus discounts for checking accounts


Make your checking account work even harder for you with bonus discounts on travel and shopping, plus complimentary Identity Theft Restoration.

Instant Issue Debit Cards

UTFCU can assist owners who may have a lost, damaged, compromised, or stolen debit card by printing them a new one on the spot. You can simply walk into a branch and within seconds receive a fully functioning payment card. The personalized number and name is printed on the card, and the secured information is encrypted on the back like a traditional debit card. Health Savings Account Debit Cards & UTFCU Business Debit Cards are also available!