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How to Join

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How to Join

At UT Federal Credit Union, you’re not just a customer, you are an owner. We pride ourselves on serving our owners’ best interests.

One of our UT Federal Credit Union Buildings

Come see us.

Visit any of our branches.

A UT Federal Credit Union Representative

Give us a call.

Give us a call at (865) 971-1971 or (800) 264-1971.

What is a credit union?

When you walk into our lobby, or call us, what makes our credit union different from a bank might not be immediately apparent. While our two types of financial institutions may offer similar products and services, major differences exist in ownership, cost of borrowing money, and in use of services. You own your credit union. Credit unions are member-owned nonprofit financial cooperatives dedicated to improving members’ lives. Everyone in the community benefits from credit union membership because funds stay local and are put to use throughout the community.

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Who can join?

Membership at UTFCU is more open than you may think! Contact us today to learn more.


What does membership cost?

The first $5.00 deposited in your savings share (account) will be used to fulfill your membership requirement. This $5.00 makes you an owner of UTFCU, giving you the voting rights and benefits that owners deserve!

How long does my membership last?

Once an owner, always an owner. As long as you maintain your savings account, you’re membership will last forever!