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Visa TravelMoney

Visa TravelMoney is a prepaid, reloadable Visa debit card which offers travelers a safer, more convenient alternative to traveler’s checks and cash. In addition to being accepted by millions of merchants worldwide, TravelMoney cards can also be used at an ATM for quick access to your funds. UTFCU offers TravelMoney cards in amounts between $100 and $5,000 and only charges a $4.95 setup fee.

Visa TravelMoney Card Benefits
  • Branded with the Visa Logo, accepted at over 20 million Visa locations worldwide
  • In addition to carrying the Visa Logo, the card also supports the Plus and Interlink networks
  • Can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and at merchants that accept pinned based Point Of Sale (POS) transactions
  • Cards are instantly issued at the credit union
  • Standard card design with CUMONEY logo
  • You can receive transaction information, change PINs, check balances and fund the card via website
  • Can be funded with checking or savings but is NOT linked to accounts
  • Can be funded unlimited times for amounts from $100 to $5,000
  • Card carries a 24 month expiration date under “Visa TravelMoney card benefits”
Additional Benefits Include:
  • unlimited reloads
  • able to be canceled if lost or stolen
  • safe like traveler’s checks, with the convenience of a debit card
How the Visa TravelMoney Card Works
  • Members purchase and fund a Visa TravelMoney card at UT Federal Credit Union with cash, check or UTFCU credit card.
  • 24 hours after the card has been sold, the member calls the toll free number to activate their card and change their PIN.
  • The cardholder can reload their cards from the convenience of their home via a secured internet site just for their Visa TravelMoney card –
  • Cardholders can make purchases at merchants and get US currency or foreign local currency at ATMs worldwide.
  • Cardholders receive travel benefits at no cost to the cardholder! These Travel Benefits are 90-day Purchase Protection, Travel & Emergency assistance and Lost Luggage reimbursement.

Please note, certain transactions/activities are subject to additional fees according to the PrePaid Visa TravelMoney Card Agreement which can be found in the disclosure/purchase agreement given at time of card purchase. UTFCU makes available different types of preloaded debit cards. There are gift cards, TravelMoney and Everyday Spend (reloadable debit cards). Balances on gift cards can be retrieved at or by calling 866-833-2370. (There is no PIN issued with the gift cards, however, one can be set up by calling the 866 number.The PIN issuance was added to reflect recent legislation for all prepaid card programs.)

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