Assisting Our Employees

Our employees here at UTFCU are family to us. They are the very heart and soul of this company, and they are the ones who make coming to work every day such a pleasure. When we realized that our health insurance rates were increasing by more than 30% in the month of June 2022, paired with rising inflation rates, we knew we had to do something to help.

Covering the Insurance Rate Increase

After considering the possible ways to assist our employees, the decision was made for the credit union to absorb this increase, keeping the coverage and premiums the same for our employees.

Inflation Bonus

In addition to covering the insurance rate increase, UTFCU decided to give our employees an additional $500 "inflation bonus" for June to help offset the struggles that rising inflation is causing.

Thank You!

We are greatly appreciative of our staff and everything they do. We will continue to ensure we do everything we can for you.

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