Call for Grassroots Advocacy- Stop the Big Box Bailout


Instead of keeping consumers like you safe from data breaches, big box retailers are trying to add to their record profits by changing how your credit card works.


The Growing Cost of Data Breaches

Electronic card payments using credit or debit cards account for $6.7 trillion in transactions according to the most recent Nilson Report. Whether from a Main Street business or a big box retailer, transaction databases are fast becoming a treasure trove of information for cyber thieves and dark web data merchants.


Merchants pay an interchange fee to defray the costs of data breaches. This fraction of a cent per dollar spent keeps your credit card safe from would-be hackers, and helps ensure that you, and the retailer you paid, aren’t responsible for any fraudulent purchases. Take A Look At The True Impact Of Interchange Regulation.


Interchange Works

98% of Americans feel the current credit system works. Our interchange system ensures that consumers have safe, reliable transactions, merchants are made whole at the time of sale, and privacy standards protect consumer information.


What We Need from You

At UTFCU, we value civic engagement and believe it’s our responsibility to inform you when legislation is being discussed that could directly impact you. Please consider lending your voice to this important effort—click on this link to learn more and to send an e-mail to your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator.


Tell Congress to reject the Big Box Bailout.

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