A wire transfer is one method individuals and businesses use to move money. It involves a direct electronic transfer of funds from an account at one financial institution, like a bank or credit union, to an account at another financial institution.


Incoming Wire Transfers


All of the following information is required in order to receive a wire transfer into your UTFCU consumer or business account:

  • Send wire to: Volunteer Corporate Credit Union
  • ABA/Routing #: 264182395
  • Further Credit: UT Federal Credit Union
  • Account #: 264279800
  • Final Credit: Member’s Name and Account Number

Please note, UTFCU does NOT have a SWIFT/BIC code.


There is a $10.00 incoming wire fee (for foreign or domestic wires into a consumer or business account) that will be withdrawn once the wire is received.  

If you are expecting a foreign wire, there may be additional charges taken out during the process by the financial institutions through which the funds are filtered; however, UTFCU will only charge the $10.00 incoming wire fee. Please see our Membership Agreement for our full fee schedule. 

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Outgoing wire transfers may require in-person processing. Please contact us at (865) 971-1971, or stop by any branch, for information about sending a wire from your UTFCU account.

Wire Transfer Questions

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